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I'm Howl.

Howl Pendragon, thank you kindly.

I'm a wizard. You can find me if you look carefully, but I like to keep moving. I received my training from Mrs Pentstemmon, and my greatest pleasure is avoiding serving the king.

Do you need a spell? A charm? Something for the weather, perhaps, or for smooth seas? See my assistant, Michael, but whatever you do stay far away from Sophie, the one they call Mrs Witch. She's nothing but a big nose who causes trouble. Oh, and one more thing: no cooking on Calcifer.

This character journal for [info]milliways_bar is brought to you with a spell, a sigh, a spider, and a soak by [info]in_the_blue.

Howl Pendragon/Howell Jenkins is from the books Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Air
and is the intellectual property of Diana Wynne Jones.

No infringement is intended. I'm just letting Howl live up to his name.

"My impression," said the King, "was that Howl is an unprincipled, slippery rogue with a glib tongue and a clever mind. Would you agree?"
--From Howl's Moving Castle

"He's the best wizard in Ingary or anywhere else.... And he's sly and selfish and vain as a peacock and cowardly, and you can't pin him down to anything."
-- from Castle in the Air

No real spoilers contained herein.

Howl is a 27-year-old tall, slender wizard. His hair is blond or black or pink or its natural mud brown depending on his mood; his eyes look like glassy green marbles. He's prone to melodrama and laziness and two-hour baths and inexplicable absences. A wizard but not impervious to harm, Howl has a mysterious contract with a fire demon named Calcifer. His castle moves, a menacing background presence throughout the land of Ingary. Rumour has it he steals the souls and eats the hearts of young women.

Howl has two suits: a blue-and-silver one which is very nice, and a scarlet-and-grey one that's had magic sewn into it, unknowingly, by Sophie. When he wears the scarlet suit, he's almost impossibly attractive.

Note: While still (and always -- how could he not be?) almost impossibly attractive, odds are that Howl is not wearing the scarlet suit these days. Someone would probably kill him for doing so.

When he wears his rugby club jacket, he's probably rather drunk.

Antigone describes him as a strangely pretty playboyman; consider the source before making any determinations on his character. Howl comes to Milliways from just about Chapter 5 of the book Howl's Moving Castle.

Player contact info: not that spike on AIM

( many screen caps courtesy of )

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being heartless, calcifer, changing hair color, falling in love, fire demons, ingary, kingsbury, moving castles, porthaven, shapeshifting, slithering out, spellcasting, spells, wales, welsh rugby, witch of the waste, words of power

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